New Departures

'The Dark Heart of Dunwich’ This grew out of a throw away line at a Suffolk Records Office event. To me the idea seemed so visual. I knew how it should look and had an idea about the music . It needed shadow puppets and folk music. So I got in touch with Meg Amsden  - puppeteer and with 'Tin River' a folk band

i had great fun making this and it was new departure for me animating the backgrounds and  being in the producing role. At one point I wasn’t sure was I was going to contribute to the film in a making kind of way!  So the story is:

'A  tale  of love, secrets, greed, pride, betrayal and magic. Based in the 12th century city of Dunwich Suffolk a young girl is sold for a fortune.’ 

Words and music by Mim Barnes and 'Tin River'  Puppets by Meg Amsden. Backgrounds and production by Debra Hyatt. August 2019